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- First time fitness training - Injury recovery training - Body weight circuit training
- Russian kettlebells - TRX suspension training - KRAV MAGA - Self Defense
- Nutritional guidance - Weight management  

Kettlebell training reigns supreme in increasing exact replica watches ballistic power, total body strength, cardio endurance and flexibility. The basic movements – swings, presses, snatches, and Turkish-Get-Ups are enough to whittle off the extra pounds, create enviable muscle definition, and develop true, full body functional strength. I'll teach you the advance skills as well.

TRX Suspension

TRX is unlike machine-based training. It allows you to move through endless ranges and angles, and it keeps your core engaged ALL THE TIME. You easily change the degree of difficulty simply by shifting the placement of your feet in relation to the anchor point of the suspension straps. This allows me to work you from YOUR personal base point and onward.

Body Weight Circuits

Body Weight Circuits are my favorite. No equipment necessary! I will take you through a 60 minute circuit of exercises that will improve your flexibility, mobility, strength, coordination and balance. Every training session is different, and everything I teach you, you can do at home throughout the remainder of the week.

I call this FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, as you will carry over these skills and strength into your every day routine.

Krav Maga Self Defense

Krav Maga is reality based self defense. Krav Maga is not a sport. It is the ultimate skill set for surviving any type of physical attack. You will learn how to deal with strikes from fists and blunt instruments, how to escape from grabs, holds and chokes, and how to deal with an armed predator (knife or gun.)

Krav Maga skills also include effective hand strikes, elbow strikes and kicks in order to control and incapacitate an attacker.


I've made a quantum leap in strength, endurance, and especially self-confidence since I've started training with Bambi. She is tuned-in to the kind of workout I might need any given week, and she continues to inspire me as I improve. She is a fierce yet compassionate trainer and teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to "wake up" his or her fitness training!

— L.W.Wilson
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