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Strength You Never Knew You Had
Posted 2021-05-25 by Bambi Christman in Training

Today's topic is strength.

Strength can be measured in numerous ways. Power lifters obviously covet being able to pull BIG numbers off the floor. Gymnasts are concerned with being able to power through challenging manuevers with total control. Triatheletes measure their strength in extreme endurance.

The strength I look to develop in my clients, of course, depends upon their personal goals. But the overwhelming number of new clients I see fail to even have the basic strength to easily get up off the floor with smooth technique, or balance on one foot to pull a sock on the other foot, or complete a single, military strict pushup.

It all begins with OWNING simple life skills. The STRENGTH to move YOUR OWN BODY with grace, fluidity, balance and control. Training the basics, in a variety of challenging ways, results in a beautifully sculpted body that boasts strength, flexibilty, mobility and control.

I incorporate a blend of kettlebell strength and flexibility drills, TRX movements and challenges, free weights, mobility ladders, Bosu balls, heavy bags and body weight power, balance and movement drills.

When is the last time your strength was tested? Are you ready to improve the abilities and appearance of your body?

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A++ all the way. I highly recommend Krav Maga and Fitness training from Bambi Christman. She is extremely professional yet at the same time, very warm and welcoming towards her students. Her expertise and talent makes learning new ideas and techniques fun rather than frustrating. No matter what your fitness or skill level is, Bambi is the truly the best. Definite recommendation.

— Mike Thomas
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