Personal Training For Your Health and Fitness Goals


Posted 2012-01-22 by Bambi Christman in Training

Motivation is what it takes to keep training on a regular basis. Motivation is what is needed to keep making the correct food choices. Motivation is what must run through your core to stay on track with long-term goals.


For many of my clients, finding the motivation to GET STARTED was the toughest battle of all! They "thought" about eating better .... they "thought" about the need to start moving their bodies more with exercise .... they "thought" how nice it would be to shed the unwanted pounds and to start feeling and looking better ...

But they couldn't seem to get started.

Whether it was fear of failure or fear of the hard work ahead of them ... or maybe, it was just plain laziness ... the OBSTACLES were larger than their motivation.

How do you find the motivation? For some of you, it simply takes a Personal Trainer to cultivate that motivation WITH YOU. If you can find the courage to make the phone call or write that email, I'll help you with the rest. Nothing motivates ME more, than teaching and guiding people to better health, better fitness, and a better life!

Come on ... pick up the phone ... you know you need to!

I felt guilty about how overweight I had become, and how out of shape I was. Bambi got my mind straight about the "journey" I was on. I'm a work in progress, and every week I learn something new from her about nutrition and living a life of fitness. My progress has been steady(!) and I'm motivated to stay in this for the long haul. To say I "love" my trainer is an understatement.

— Garret S.
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