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Two Months Left
Posted 2019-10-25 by Bambi Christman in Training

Think about how different you can look and feel in just 60 days.

Two months of learning how to eat better and train better.
60 Days of commitment and FINALLY taking control of your health and your fitness.

Sometimes a fresh start is all you need, especially if you have had trouble sticking to other nutrition plans and training schedules. My plans are not complicated. It's about getting back to the basics (and UNDERSTANDING the principals of how and why the basics work.)

You'll learn the CORRECT way to gain strength and flexibility and how to feed your body for continual improvement.

I have been successfully training clients for over 20 years, sharing my knowledge and skills to empower individuals looking to make lifestyle changes.

There are two months left this year. Let's not waste them! Call to schedule your training session today!

I felt guilty about how overweight I had become, and how out of shape I was. Bambi got my mind straight about the "journey" I was on. I'm a work in progress, and every week I learn something new from her about nutrition and living a life of fitness. My progress has been steady(!) and I'm motivated to stay in this for the long haul. To say I "love" my trainer is an understatement.

— Garret S.
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