Personal Training For Your Health and Fitness Goals


Posted 2019-01-07 by Bambi Christman in Training

It's the beginning of a new year  - which means it is the perfect time for NEW COMMITMENTS to your health and fitness.

If you are frustrated with "diet plans" and "fitness programs", then you are ready tor an adjustment in how you approach your health and fitness goals. My strategy doesn't have a cool name but it DOES work and it IS sustainable. And everything is based on a simple principal: mindfulness.

Changing how you think, feel and participate in taking control of your nutrition and physical conditioning can make all the difference in the results you can achieve. Age doesn't matter, size doesn't matter, fitness level doesn't matter. I will customize steps for you to take to reach the goals that are important to you.

I have been guiding, supporting, and training individuals for the past 30 years - with great results! Reach out to me today - and let's make 2019 YOUR YEAR FOR SUCCESS!

I've learned SO MUCH about my body and how it works! Bambi takes the time to analyze me as I'm training, picking up on dysfunctional movement, no matter HOW SLIGHT it may be. Her corrections to my form in our drills has resolved a lower back pain I suffered with for years and strengthened me in ways I never thought were possible!

— K. Snell
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