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It's All About The Food
Posted 2017-07-24 by Bambi Christman in Nutrition

Sometimes, it really IS all about the food. Several of my friends, who have been performing their weight training and cardio exercises diligently, are still frustrated about their inability to lose weight. I patiently explain over and over again, that you simply CANNOT out-train bad food intake. Is it a lack of willpower? Is it a lack of time to prepare better meals? Is it an inability to cook healthy food for themselves? It doesn't matter WHAT the issue is, if SOMETHING is keeping you from eating properly, then we need to work together to figure out what the problem is and put a solution in place. I can help you put a simple lifestyle change in place to ensure that your nutrition is helping you not only with your weight loss goals, but is also improving your health and quality of life. (Did you know that most human diseases and illness can be cured with proper nutrition?) Reach out to me today and let's analyze what can be done to get you on the right path to proper nutrition!

Bambi has not only helped me shed 50 lbs. of unwanted weight, build a strong, functional musculature, and teach me everything I need to know about eating correctly, but she has taught me how to PRIORITIZE my nutrition, my workouts, and my ME-time. I can't thank her enough!

— Michael W.
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