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Get Into The Swing
Posted 2017-06-07 by Bambi Christman in Training

Are you getting bored with your training? Or feeling stalled with your fitness/strength progress? One of my favorite training tools is the Kettlebell. This simplistic hunk of metal can be used to increase your stamina, improve your joint mobility, and add strength to your entire body. There are dozens of fun movements and drills that can be performed to keep your workout challenging, beneficial and fun! I cross-train runners, boxers, MMA fighters, police, firemen, and men and women who are just trying to improve their overall fitness level with kettlebells. Why not give it a try? Contact me to schedule your training session today!

I've learned SO MUCH about my body and how it works! Bambi takes the time to analyze me as I'm training, picking up on dysfunctional movement, no matter HOW SLIGHT it may be. Her corrections to my form in our drills has resolved a lower back pain I suffered with for years and strengthened me in ways I never thought were possible!

— K. Snell
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