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And Then There Was Christmas
Posted 2016-12-22 by Bambi Christman in Training

I bet most of you have been indulging in Christmas goodies that keep showing up at the office. And we still have several days worth of holiday indulging to get through! Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and the week or two of special foods are NOT what has caused your current over-weight, out-of-shape situation. Weight gain and weight loss do not happen overnight. It is a result of long-term bad eating habits and also a lack of a steady exercise regiment.

So, enjoy the holiday - and all the good food that comes with it - and let's get you on track in the new year! Let me teach you how to eat and train the right way to reach your personal goals.

I currently have a few training slots open, but these will book fast in January, so don't procrastinate!

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Bambi educates me, challenges me, and has become a priceless partner on my journey to a strong, fit, healthy me.

— Dr. Sue G.
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