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Pre-Planning For The Holidays
Posted 2016-11-02 by Bambi Christman in Nutrition

No, you don't have to miss out on all the wonderful Thanksgiving Day dishes and desserts! A little pre-planning NOW will allow you to indulge on "turkey day".  As of today, you have 22 days to reduce your caloric intake slightly every day, and increase the intensity of your workouts (even if that means simply walking an extra mile every day.)  I look at this 3 week span as a great opportunity to eat as clean as possible, reduce my portions slightly at every meal, and stay diligent with my training. The result? In just 3 weeks, my clothes are a bit loose, my energy level has improved, and I overall feel that much better. The best part? I don't feel the least bit guilty when I sit down and indulge on Thanksgiving Day. I've worked hard for this treat, and I can physically and mentally enjoy it! Need help with this? Give me a call today!

I've learned SO MUCH about my body and how it works! Bambi takes the time to analyze me as I'm training, picking up on dysfunctional movement, no matter HOW SLIGHT it may be. Her corrections to my form in our drills has resolved a lower back pain I suffered with for years and strengthened me in ways I never thought were possible!

— K. Snell
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