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Summer's End
Posted 2016-08-19 by Bambi Christman in Training

You can feel the change in the air .... Fall is right around the corner. We will soon be wearing long sleeve tops and covering up more. Don't use this as an excuse to stop working on your weight loss goals! Think about this: if you continue to work hard on eating clean, and continue to drop those unwanted pounds, you will be looking and feeling incredible when the holidays roll around! Hey, Thanksgiving is ONLY 3 months away! For those of you who have your weight JUST where you want it, but still aren't satisfied with your muscle definition (or lack thereof), NOW is a great time to start a new training program. For those of you who haven't started on the journey to a leaner, healthier, stronger you - THIS is a great time to take your first step! Don't let that little voice in your head win. The one that keeps saying "you need to lose weight BEFORE you go to a trainer".  I am here to help you get started on the journey you are so anxious to take! I know this first step - contacting me - can be the most difficult. And I'll help you take the second step - getting a program in place that works for you! Contact me today!

I've made a quantum leap in strength, endurance, and especially self-confidence since I've started training with Bambi. She is tuned-in to the kind of workout I might need any given week, and she continues to inspire me as I improve. She is a fierce yet compassionate trainer and teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to "wake up" his or her fitness training!

— L.W.Wilson
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