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Get Into The Swing with Kettlebells
Posted 2015-08-24 by Bambi Christman in Training

If you are having difficulty maintaining motivation to train on your own or are simply bored with the training you've been doing, I would love to introduce you to training with kettlebells! The amazing results you will get with 30 minutes or less of working with a kettlebell will blow your mind! There is a great variety of complex moves you can learn with the kettlebell but you will learn that the simple kettlebell swing is king. It is essential that you learn the correct techniques to handling a kettlebell to prevent injury, but once learned, this is a small and powerful TOTAL GYM in a small package. You'll see what I mean ;-)  Ready to get started with your Fall/Winter training? Call or write me today!

Bambi has not only helped me shed 50 lbs. of unwanted weight, build a strong, functional musculature, and teach me everything I need to know about eating correctly, but she has taught me how to PRIORITIZE my nutrition, my workouts, and my ME-time. I can't thank her enough!

— Michael W.
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