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Strength and Health
Posted 2015-07-30 by Bambi Christman in Training

Interesting Fact: As my clients gain strength in my training sessions, they also become healthier! It's a very cool "side effect" of taking your fitness training seriously. You see, training with me means that I will also be sharing nutritional tips with you to help you understand how to feed your body better in order for your muscles to repair and become stronger from our workouts. As you start losing weight from our training sessions, I'll explain how certain foods can help or hinder your weight loss goals. And as you see your strength increase, we'll talk about what foods are necessary to maintain and increase your strength. Well, with all of these nutritious eating habits now part of your trainng regimen, you will find that your immune system will become stronger. Your body's organs will function better. Your health overall will improve dramatically. Strength and health DO go hand-in-hand. Taking control of how you look, feel and function is so empowering! Ready to get started?

I've learned SO MUCH about my body and how it works! Bambi takes the time to analyze me as I'm training, picking up on dysfunctional movement, no matter HOW SLIGHT it may be. Her corrections to my form in our drills has resolved a lower back pain I suffered with for years and strengthened me in ways I never thought were possible!

— K. Snell
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