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How Many Calories Can I Burn?
Posted 2014-09-11 by Bambi Christman in Training

When a potential client asks me "how many calories will I burn in one of your sessions?", I know I am listening to someone who needs to know this one important fact: You cannot out-train bad eating habits. My training sessions are not about burning calories (although this WILL happen!) My training sessions are about 1) educating you about nutrition and how it affects your weight and your physical and mental health and 2) teaching you proper form in executing exercises that are the most beneficial to you reaching your goals. No matter how many times you have started and stopped, or WANTED to start and never did .... this is a great time to make the decision to TRY! Reach out to me and let's ease you into a new lifestyle that WILL burn calories, that WILL drop clothing sizes, that WILL improve your health and appearance, that WILL improve your strength, mobility and endurance and that WILL make you feel fantastic about yourself. Call me or email me today!

Bambi has not only helped me shed 50 lbs. of unwanted weight, build a strong, functional musculature, and teach me everything I need to know about eating correctly, but she has taught me how to PRIORITIZE my nutrition, my workouts, and my ME-time. I can't thank her enough!

— Michael W.
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