Personal Training For Your Health and Fitness Goals


Posted 2014-05-29 by Bambi Christman in Training

That's it in a word. Mobility. How well can you move your body. And can you move your body with confidence, balance, and strength? Lack of joint mobility isn't an issue just for people over 40. Many of my 30 year old clients are noticing the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day. Pair this with a lack of energy, commitment, or knowledge at the end of the day to commit to a good strength and conditioning session to counteract their day's inactivity. A nimble body with flexible, strong muscles and healthy joint rotations is key to injury prevention. Are you tired of being limited by your body in its present condition? Are you ready to take control of the state of your fitness? Reach out to me and let's get you on the schedule for your first session!

I felt guilty about how overweight I had become, and how out of shape I was. Bambi got my mind straight about the "journey" I was on. I'm a work in progress, and every week I learn something new from her about nutrition and living a life of fitness. My progress has been steady(!) and I'm motivated to stay in this for the long haul. To say I "love" my trainer is an understatement.

— Garret S.
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