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30 Day Challenge
Posted 2014-03-23 by Bambi Christman in Training

The promise of Spring weather is helping all of you climb out of the winter blues. I'm seeing better attitudes and a higher level of motivation to make some positive changes. This is the time of year that I love to give 30 day challenges to both my new and long term clients. We all respond better to set goals, whether they are tweaking our nutrition, working on our flexibility in new ways, tackling a different strength move, etc. Are you ready to tackle a 30 day challenge? Looking for some solid advice, guidance, and training? Contact me and let's review where you are today and where you would like to see yourself 30 days from now. Summer is only 3 months away - let's get cracking!

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I've learned SO MUCH about my body and how it works! Bambi takes the time to analyze me as I'm training, picking up on dysfunctional movement, no matter HOW SLIGHT it may be. Her corrections to my form in our drills has resolved a lower back pain I suffered with for years and strengthened me in ways I never thought were possible!

— K. Snell
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