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Why does SIMPLE seem impossible?
Posted 2012-09-04 by Bambi Christman in Nutrition

I keep hearing the same thing over and over.....

"I'm keeping a food log, I'm counting calories, I'm calculating carbs, I'm weighing my food, etc., etc."

Why??? Are you preparing for a bodybuilding contest? Aiming to be on the cover of a fitness magazine? Because if you are not, then why are you making your nutrition and weight loss so complicated? And so much work???

I had 8 people approach last week to help them with their weight struggles. And all of them had complicated, time-consuming processes in place. And none of these 8 people were having any success with losing weight.

When I explained how I have successfully managed my own weight my whole life, and how I have helped dozens of others manage their weight ... they all shook their heads in disbelief. Why? Because MY WAY wasn't hard enough. How could it possibly work?

Please read the following carefully. It's REALLY as simple as this:

1) Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day

2) Eat only clean protein - no antibiotics, no hormones, no commercial feed

3) Make two-thirds of every plateful of food consist of bright, colorful vegetables

4) If you feel the urge to snack, you aren't eating enough food at your meal times. Increase your clean protein and vegetable intake at each meal.

5) Limit your fruit intake. The natural fructose will cause insulin spikes that will interfere with your weight loss goals. The exceptions are berries, which you should include with your meals for the valuable antioxidant properties.

That's it! It works! It's simple! Try this for 30 days. I guarantee you will see results! 

I felt guilty about how overweight I had become, and how out of shape I was. Bambi got my mind straight about the "journey" I was on. I'm a work in progress, and every week I learn something new from her about nutrition and living a life of fitness. My progress has been steady(!) and I'm motivated to stay in this for the long haul. To say I "love" my trainer is an understatement.

— Garret S.
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