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Posted 2011-10-18 by Bambi Christman in Nutrition

Too many people post-pone cleaning up their nutrition until "after the holidays". When I ask why, the answer is always .. "there's no point in starting now, I know I'm going to over-eat over Thanksgiving and Christmas".

Really? Did they actually say those words ... "over-eat"? They PLAN on eating until they are uncomfortable, they PLAN on eating unhealthy foods?

I have a better PLAN for you. Let's get on track now, starting today, so that when the holidays arrive, you are already accustomed to eating the correct foods and the correct portions. I promise you, you will still enjoy your holiday meals. Roasted turkey? Excellent. Yams? Of course. Bright green vegetables? Always!

You CAN approach the holiday table with a HEALTHY plan.

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— Dr. Sue G.
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