Personal Training For Your Health and Fitness Goals

Bambi Christman

Personal Trainer / Krav Maga Instructor
Fitness - Strength - Nutrition 

Gilbertsville, Douglassville, Boyertown, Pottstown, Limerick, Royersford and Collegeville.

I've been a competitive athlete my entire life. I constantly challenge myself, my strength, and my skill sets. I've been fortunate over the years to have had outstanding mentors and trainers, and continue to seek out and explore different training methodologies. In addition, I have spent years researching and experimenting with nutrition.

I could write pages about that journey alone, but instead, will share that knowledge with you, as my client. I have been training and counseling clients for over 30 years. I have a deep understanding of the psychological and physical roadblocks that keep 80% of the population from enjoying a healthier life. Trust me when I tell you ... there IS A WAY for you to feel better, stronger, and more physically capable than you could ever imagine.

My clients' ages range from 17 to 70. I work with a wide variety of individuals including: stay-at-home moms, athletes preparing for special events, busy business owners who are mindful of their state of health and fitness, and people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, morbid obesity, and more.

I will challenge you, motivate you, inspire you, and educate you ... and in return, you will learn how to commit to your training and to your goals. We can do this ... together.

Bambi Christman
Personal Trainer
Krav Maga Instructor

I've made a quantum leap in strength, endurance, and especially self-confidence since I've started training with Bambi. She is tuned-in to the kind of workout I might need any given week, and she continues to inspire me as I improve. She is a fierce yet compassionate trainer and teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to "wake up" his or her fitness training!

— L.W.Wilson
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